Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Anti-Fashion Show

The October 18 2008 Anti-fashion show was a new experience for me. Aggregate all the gorgeous and exciting clothes and all the gorgeous and exciting people, plus an adoring audience, the result was more than beautiful. And no claws.

Irisewn and Karma Rags sponsored the Anti-fashion show, and they were kind to allow my entries of 3 skirts and 3 shirts. Click here to see the entire flikr stream. The brilliant Corry Lee Smith photographed the event.

I made this skirt from a cotton breastfeeding blouse, a rayon/polyester curtain tieback and a length of really really old wide cotton bias tape.


Marylyn said...

Just noticed you have a BLOG! I enjoyed reading this, since I was there. Thanks! I was looking online for information about this show to send to someone in CA, and your blog popped right up on Google.


Susan said...

thank you so much for your kind and reassuring comment, I really appreciate it.
and what a lovely blog you have here :)
added you to my blogroll.